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Targets by Indore Municipal Corporation

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River Rejuvenation and riverfront development - Indore Municipal Corporation
  • Start year:
  • Type: Technical / Infrastructural
  • Status: In operation

Riverfront Development is a key initiative of the city in ABD area of Indore Smart City. The Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has started riverfront development work of Kahn River under the Smart City project. The frst phase of development of riverfront would be done from Rambagh Bridge to Krishnapura. In the second stage, the stretch from Jawahar Marg to Gangaur.Ghat is planned for renovation. The scope of the work includes:
• Construction of retaining walls and dredging of riverbed along 3.9 km of riverfront
• Development of landscaping and open spaces
• Development of City-level recreational space
• Development of Fruits & Vegetables Market to accommodate shops/ hawkers in the area
• Development of adequate parking areas

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LED Street Lighting - Indore Municipal Corporation
  • Start year:
  • Type: Technical / Infrastructural
  • Status: Planning phase

The city intends to replace existing conventional street and area lighting on various roads, squares & gardens of Indore with intelligent LED type system having smart controls. While designing the lighting system undermentioned guidelines shall be followed.

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Bus Rapid Transit System - Indore Municipal Corporation
  • Start year:
  • Type: Technical / Infrastructural
  • Status: In operation

To address the growing demand, congestion, reliability and to provide a better public transportation system to the people of Indore, AICTSL is running over 100 city bus services on 15+ routes and also recently implemented a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) System on one of the prime corridors in Indore. Indore BRT Phase I project comprises of the AB Road corridor that extends from Niranjanpur Circle to Rajiv Gandhi Circle with a length of 11.5 Km. There are 21 closed median bus-stations and 15 signalized intersections on the corridor that is being planned. The corridor depending on the ROW availability consists of two or three motor vehicle lanes, median bus lanes, cycle tracks and pedestrian paths.
The AB Road pilot corridor is the first corridor that would be implemented with state-of-the-art Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and this procurement would broadly include the following sub-systems;
A. Automatic Fare Collection Systems (AFCS)
B. Automatic Vehicle Location System (AVLS)
C. Passenger Information System (PIS) at BRT Stations
D. Traffic Management Centre Systems
E. Communications network for the deployed systems
F. Comprehensive Maintenance of the ITS System during the Maintenance Period
The necessary data exchange is expected to happen at the Traffic Management Centre between various subsystems using standard protocols to be followed for seamless data transfer to achieve the required functionality.

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Swachh Bharat (Clean India) Mission - Indore Municipal Corporation
  • Start year:
  • Type: Strategy / Policy
  • Status: In operation

• Indore Aims to be achieve “Total Sanitation City” status by 2nd Oct. 2019, which means 100% Collection, Transportation, Treatment and Disposal of Solid Waste, 100% collection and Treatment of Waste Water, Fecal Sludge and Septage Management.
• Presently Primary (Door to Door) Collection of waste along with Wet and Dry Waste Segregation is being done by IMC in all 85 wards through 450 comparted small vehicles.
• IMC is developing 9 Transfer Stations so as to maintain segregated transportation of waste upto treatment plant.
• IMC has engaged 6 Agencies/ NGO’s for creating awareness about segregation of waste among citizens and to promote SBM, IEC activities in all 85 wards.
• IMC has created a Jan-Andolan with active participation of all sections of the city to achieve the objective. IMC committed to ensure involvement RWAs, religious leaders and SHGs towards BCC for source segregation and decentralized composting.
• Average Quantity of Municipal Solid Waste Generation : 1100 TPD
• IMC has established MSW Processing Facility on PPP basis and M/s A2Z Green Waste Management Ltd, Gurgaon has established Mechanical Aerobic Composting Plant of 500 Ton per shift capacity.
• IMC is committed to reduce the biodegradable waste to landfill site up-to 0%.
• Presently this plant is working in two shifts and is processing 100% collected wet waste i.e. 700 TPD.
• From processing plant about 40 TPD Plastic waste is segregated and sent for recycling and reuse.
• About 100 TPD compost is manufactured from this plant.
• As per the Policy of Govt. of India to support the sale of compost manufactured from city solid waste and as per the instructions of Ministry of Urban Development, Govt. of India, an agreement is signed between National Fertilizer Ltd. and A2Z Green Waste Management Ltd for sale of Compost.
• Accordingly NFL is lifting entire city compost from the MSW processing facility.
• IMC has developed one Plastic Collection and processing facility at Pipliyapala, Indore
• IMC is developing Material Recovery Facility at Devguradiya Trenching Ground.
• All the Hotels, Hospitals, Schools, Colleges and RWA’s generating more than 30 KG of Wet waste are asked by IMC to install Wet Waste treatment system.
• Through decentralized processing of wet waste, IMC is targeting to treat more than 100TPD at site.
• IMC is targeting to utilize about 90% of Waste either in Compost making and material recycling, so as only 10% of inert waste is being sent for landfilling.
• Order has been issued on ban of plastic carry bags in city limits and extensive drive is launched to seize illegal plastic from traders and manufacturers.
• IMC has prepared plan for regular cleaning of back lanes and drainage chamber.
• Advisory has been issued to all citizens to connect septic tanks to sewer network and to clean septic tanks on regular basis.
• IMC is preparing Fecal Sludge and Septage Management Plan in line with Fecal Sludge and Septage management guidelines issued by MoUD, Govt. of India.

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Community inventories

The Indore Municipal Corporation has reported 1 Community emission inventory, since 2007. In its latest inventory, compiled in 2007, the Stationary energy, Transport and Waste management are identified as key emission sources.

GHG emission from Indore Municipal Corporation
GHG inventory in 2007
Government operations inventory

GHG emission from Indore Municipal Corporation
GHG inventory in


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