City of Fredericton, NB

Canada Mayor: Mike O'Brien
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    Population 56224
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    Area 130.68
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    GDP N/A
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Targets by City of Fredericton, NB

There are no targets yet

Green Matters - City of Fredericton, NB
  • Start year: 2007
  • Type: Assessment/Research
  • Status: In operation

Green Matters’ multi-tiered approach combines a strong educational
and motivational component via the program website and events with
a social marketing and communications component to encourage
citizens to make small and large changes to reduce their emissions
by adjusting their lifestyles to more environmentally-friendly ways of
living, playing, traveling, and working in their city. The strategy
behind Green Matters recognizes that community engagement and
environmental social marketing are the only way to create sustained
and long-term positive environmental change amongst a large group
of citizens and groups.

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Green Shops - City of Fredericton, NB
  • Start year: 2008
  • Type: Policy/Strategies/Action Plans
  • Status: In operation

The program is aimed at reducing Fredericton’s environmental
impact by supporting, promoting and rewarding environmental
stewardship within the business community. Though Green Shops is
focused on the business community, the program ultimately benefits
the entire community as people interact with businesses and
organizations in small and large ways each day.

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Community inventories

GHG emission from City of Fredericton, NB
GHG inventory in
Government operations inventory

The City of Fredericton, NB has reported 3 government operational inventories, since 2000. In its latest inventory, compiled in 2008, the are identified as key emission sources.

GHG emission from City of Fredericton, NB
GHG inventory in 2008

Mayor Mike O'Brien
City of Fredericton, NB, Canada



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