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Resources and support

What is the carbon Climate Registry? Why is it so important to report local climate action? How can my local government join the cCR and start reporting? You can find in our resources the answers to all these questions and many more!

We invite you to consult the following resources:

  • Guidance Documents: all the information you need to understand and start reporting local climate action on the cCR.
  • Reports and publications: all the latest reports, infographics and newsletter from the cCR
  • Recorded webinars: in case you missed any of the webinars offered by the Bonn Center for Local Climate Action and Reporting (carbon Center).
  • Videos: all videos related to the cCR and supported initiatives.
  • FAQ: for all frequently asked questions about the cCR and reporting local climate action. 
  • News: all the latest news from the carbon center and local climate action around the world.
  • Events: all the latest events from the carbon center and local climate action around the world.

Should you have more questions or need help, get in touch with us at the carbon Center: 

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