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Resilient Communities for America is a national campaign that champions the leadership of local elected officials who are building more resilient communities—and will inspire hundreds more local governments to follow their lead.

The Resilient Communities for America Agreement is a national campaign to mobilize hundreds of U.S. local elected officials—mayors, county executives, city council members, etc.—who pledge to create more resilient cities, towns, and counties, built to overcome our nation’s extreme weather, energy, and economic challenges. The campaign will not only inspire greater local leadership on resilience, but also will provide local governments that join the campaign with critical resources to help them achieve their goals.  

Led by ICLEI USA, National League of Cities, US Green Building Council, and World Wildlife Fund, the Resilient Communities for America Campaign is a movement of 180+ mayors and local elected officials committed to creating more prepared communities that can bounce back from extreme weather, energy, and economic challenges. The campaign has released several tools and resources since its launch in June 2013, including the ClearPath emissions management software and policy recommendation report from local governments for the President’s Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience

The centerpiece of the campaign is the Resilient Communities for America Agreement (pdf), a document that local elected officials will sign to formalize their commitment and showcase their leadership.

Read on for more details and answers to your questions, or download the campaign FAQ (pdf)

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