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Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program achieves 22% reduction after 3rd year

A flash report published by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) announced that the Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program has achieved a 22% reduction in emissions after the 3rd year of the program compared to base-year emissions.

The flash report for fiscal year 2012 comprises 1,302 GHG Emissions Reports from covered facilities. Total emissions of the covered facilities for fiscal year 2012 were reduced by 22% from base-year emissions, the same level of reductions seen in fiscal year 2011, in which significant energy savings were necessary after the power crisis following the Great East Japan Earthquake. Covered facilities in the Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program are required to reduce energy-related CO2 emissions—for example, 8% reductions are required for business facilities such as office buildings, and 6% for industrial facilities such as factories—during a five-year compliance period from fiscal year 2010 through 2014. During the second period from fiscal year 2015 through 2019, the reduction obligations increase to 17% for businesses and 15% for industrial facilities. Owners of covered facilities must report the previous fiscal year’s emissions to TMG by the end of November every year.

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cCCR report of Tokyo Metropolitan Government

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