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Compact of Mayors Welcomes First Commitments from Thailand

Nine Thai cities recently committed to the Compact of Mayors, the world’s leading coalition of local leaders tackling climate change by pledging to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions, tracking their progress and preparing for the impacts of climate change.

The cities of Sisaket, Phuket, Kokruat, Phanomsarakham, Mapammarit, Yasothon, Phanatnikom, Hat Siao and Lampan committed to the Compact at an event that explored how Thai cities can strengthen their resilience and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions reductions.

The commitment to the Compact of Mayors was made in parallel with a commitment by 15 Thai cities to the new "Low Carbon and Disaster Resilient Cities in Thailand" initiative, which - for the first time - integrates local action across the country to tackle climate change and increasing disaster risks. 

At the event, the Chairman of the Environment Committee of the National League of Municipalities of Thailand and Mayor of Panat Nikhom Town, Vijai Amalalikhit, highlighted the strength of local leadership: 

“This requires strong commitment of the mayors to bring all departments and stakeholders in their municipalities together to agree on the targets and develop action plans to achieve them.”

ICLEI congratulates the nine cities on their Compact commitment and all 15 Thai cities for taking action on climate change. ICLEI also urges other cities around the world to join the Compact of Mayors, which presents an important opportunity to demonstrate the collective impact of local climate action around the world. 

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