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cCCR opens up to states and regions

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With a new partnership between ICLEI and Regions of Climate Action (R20), the way is paved for a number of R20 members – cities, regions, provinces and states - to start reporting in the carbonn Cities Climate Registry (cCCR).

By reporting on the cCCR, participating members of R20 will demonstrate greater transparency and accountability for their climate actions, and will ensure that their commitments lead to real action. In addition, they will benefit from access to thousands of case studies on climate change adaptation and mitigation; and will have the opportunity to increase their visibility, gain recognition and be pro-active in the global climate advocacy process.

The Registry will soon offer the option to vertically integrate commitments and reporting (from the local to the sub-national level), thereby facilitating use of the Registry by participating members of R20, and ensuring that efforts by cities and communities within the same geographic region are not double-counted.

The first R20 member to take advantage of this partnership, the Ministry of Environment of the Delta State in Nigeria, recently reported its first two actions: a comprehensive cross-sectoral climate change assessment and the Delta State Climate Change Policy.

R20 members interested in becoming part of the growing community of local and regional governments reporting on climate change are encouraged to join the Registry.

About the R20 – Regions of Climate Action:

The R20 is a non-profit organization launched by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2010. The R20 mission is to help states, provinces, regions and other sub-national governments around the world to develop, implement and communicate low-carbon and climate-resilient economic development projects, policies and best practices. Through its large network of members and affiliate members, the R20 connects over 560 sub-national and local governments around the world with over 50 technology partners and investors.

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