Sumida City

Population: 254175
Area of jurisdiction: 14 km2


  Community Government
Absolute base year GHG reduction target: 8% by 2015 (1990) 8% by 2014 (2007)
Baseline scenario (BAU) GHG reduction target: n/a n/a
Fixed-level GHG reduction target: n/a n/a
Carbon intensity reduction target: n/a n/a
Renewable energy target: n/a n/a
Energy efficiency target: n/a n/a
Government and Community: CO2(e) targets


Community GHG Emissions
Total ( n/a ):  0 tCO2e
Government GHG Emissions
Total ( 2011 ):  20,727 tCO2e

Other available GHG inventories: 2009, 2010

Mitigation actions

Sumida Grant Scheme for Installation of Facilities for Prevention of Global Warming
The scheme stipulates grants for installation of facilities for the prevention of global warming and those are as follows: (1) Insulation of buildings e.g.) heat shield and insulation paint, insulation retrofit for buildings, etc. (2) Installation of solar energy facilities e.g.) photovoltaic solar system, solar water heater, etc. (3) Installation of high-efficiency water heater e.g.) EcoCute, Ecojo-zu, ENE-FARM, and EcoWill, etc., which are trade names or generic terms for products or systems designed for energy saving. (4)Installation of small energy-saving burning appliances (for business use) (5)Installation of light fixtures (for business use) Start year 2008
Sector Facilities
Type Technical/Infrastructure investment
Status In progress
Sumida Eco-points Project (“CO2 diet point”, system for the reduction of CO2 emissions)
Sumida Eco-points Project started as an approach to reduce greenhouse gas emissions further in June 2011. The citizens of Sumida city get eco-points according to the reduction amount of electricity and/or gas usage compared to the same month of the previous year. Those points are recorded on “Sumida Card” issued by the Federation of Sumida City Shopping Street, as “Sumida Points”. The project gives 10 points per 1 kg reduction of CO2 emissions (conservation factors are as follows: 0.32 for electricity, 2.21 for gas). For example, the citizen gets 3 points per 1kWh of the reduction of electricity usage and gets 22 points per 1m3 of the reduction of gas usage. Start year 2011
Sector Other Emissions
Type Technical/Infrastructure investment
Status In progress

Adaptation actions