Umong Municipality

Population: 13558
Area of jurisdiction: 19 km2


  Community Government
Absolute base year GHG reduction target: n/a 5% by 2020 (2012)
Baseline scenario (BAU) GHG reduction target: n/a 10% by 2020 (2012)
Fixed-level GHG reduction target: n/a n/a
Carbon intensity reduction target: n/a n/a
Renewable energy target: n/a 5% by 2030
Energy efficiency target: n/a n/a
Government and Community: CO2(e) targets


Community GHG Emissions
Total ( n/a ):  0 tCO2e
Government GHG Emissions
Total ( n/a ):  0 tCO2e

Mitigation actions

Adaptation actions

Global Warming Learning Center @ Umong City
Umong Municipal District have built global warming learning center for local people and other. This aims to make people realise, understand, and try to help our world. This 'Umong City' is a learning center for learing Umong's people life, presented in learning sub-stations, such as Umong's Lifestyle, Goods from Umong's people, Local Plants in Umong, Herbal fences the amazing benefit, Fridge in the yard, and Little Bikers defense global warming. Start year 2011
Type Education/Awareness Raising
Status Completed
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Organic Farming toward food safety and security
This project aims to promote organic farming in community which is good for health and environment. Municipality supported the market for organic farmer and encourage organic farmers to sell organic product in this market. This project lead to increase farmer income, unity of community for orgnic farming knowledge exchange, and good health. These bring the community to be the good model of organic farming. Start year 2012
Type Public Participation/Stakeholder engagement
Status In progress
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