Agglomeration Community of Plaine Commune

Population: 411367
Area of jurisdiction: 47.4 km2


  Community Government
Absolute base year GHG reduction target: n/a n/a
Baseline scenario (BAU) GHG reduction target: n/a n/a
Fixed-level GHG reduction target: n/a n/a
Carbon intensity reduction target: n/a n/a
Renewable energy target: n/a n/a
Energy efficiency target: n/a n/a
Government and Community: CO2(e) targets


Community GHG Emissions
Total ( n/a ):  0 tCO2e
Government GHG Emissions
Total ( n/a ):  0 tCO2e

Mitigation actions

Public Lighting Upgrade
Lighting equipment was replaced with equipment that consumes less energy (40% elimination of high-energy-consumption fluorescent bulbs and LED traffic lights), resulting in a 2% annual energy-use reduction. Start year 2012
Sector Facilities
Type Technical/Infrastructure investment
Status In progress
Energy-Savings Projects Financing Organization Created
Plaine Commune joined a Región de Île-de-France initiative to create the POSIT’IF Energy Organization, a financing tool for energy savings projects involved in public building, social and private housing greenspace renovations and renewable energy project development (solar, wind, geothermic, biomass, etc.). Participating Organizations: Ile-de-France region, the cities of Paris and Créteil, the Val-de-Marne and Seine-et-Marne general councils, Sigeif, Sipperec, Siesm 77, Est Ensemble cluster communities, Cergy Pontoise, Plateau de Saclay, Val de Bièvre, Saint-Quentin en Yvelines, Sud de Seine, and regional financial institutions. Start year 2011
Sector Buildings
Type Fiscal/Financial mechanism
Status Completed
Local Energy and Climate Agency Creation
Due to an initiative from the Plaine Commune, a local energy and climate agency was created as an incentivizing and regional stakeholders assessment tool that informs and advises participating project individuals and businesses; offers advice and shares experiences with selected audiences, supports activities that respond to specific territorial and resident needs, and functions as a stakeholder-resource center. Participating Organizations: Región de Ile-de-France, Seine- Saint-Denis General Council, ADEME, the city of Saint- Ouen, EDF, GDF Suez, Hábitat d’Aubervilliers public office, Plaine Commune Développement, Plaine Commune Habitat, Véolia environnement, Bouygues Immobilier Start year 2011
Type Public Participation/Stakeholder engagement
Status Completed

Adaptation actions