Chacao Municipality

Population: 64629
Area of jurisdiction: 12 km2


  Community Government
Absolute base year GHG reduction target: n/a n/a
Baseline scenario (BAU) GHG reduction target: n/a n/a
Fixed-level GHG reduction target: n/a n/a
Carbon intensity reduction target: n/a n/a
Renewable energy target: n/a n/a
Energy efficiency target: n/a n/a
Government and Community: CO2(e) targets


Community GHG Emissions
Total ( n/a ):  0 tCO2e
Government GHG Emissions
Total ( 2013 ):  2,782 tCO2e

Other available GHG inventories: 2013

Mitigation actions

Solid Waste Management in popular sectors of the Chacao´s Municipality
This action has as its goal to created and integrated a Solid Waste Management in the popular sectors: Barrio Nuevo, Bello Campo, Bucaral, San Jose de La Floresta, Birds, Bolivar and Historic Residential of Chacao, so that it can consolidate an effective sustainable policy in solid waste (paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum and glass). This action also seeks strengthen the cleaning existing networks in the municipality to be self-sustaining and training and awareness among citizens that makes life in the areas covered by this project. This project aims to identify citizens with responsibility for the maintenance of sanitary conditions, environmental, and order of the spaces they inhabit. Start year 2011
Sector Waste
Type Technical/Infrastructure investment
Status Completed
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Green Roofs
Green Roofs is the first Venezuelan ecological project that combines the optimal use of renewable natural resources and esthetic values. It has as its goal to make green two of the buildings of the Chacao’s municipal government that have all the conditions required. This action is made with the participation of the architects and experts from the Universidad Central de Venezuela. Start year 2012
Type Policy/Strategies/Action Plans
Status Completed
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This action created a public transport service that works inside the municipality improving citizen quality life. Transchacao propose a solution for the inhabitant’s mobility without private cars, it reduces the use of vehicles inside the municipality, and it provides accessibility for people with different capacities. Transchacao is also a transit improvement; it gives an answer to the traffic problems in the municipality and relieves the state public service transport. Start year 2010
Sector Transport
Type Policy/Strategies/Action Plans
Status Completed
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Adaptation actions

Ecological circuit in the north of the Chacaito River
This action has as its goal to implement an ecological corridor and to develop an educational-recreational circuit in the north of the Chacaito´s basin average ravine. This action is made by the government and with the active participation of the communities they are incorporated in the management of the basin, all these through the re-appropriation and provision of services for the area. Start year 2011
Type Education/Awareness Raising
Status Completed
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Local Urban Development Plan
It is a planning instrument that local authorities and the inhabitants of the municipality formulated with the objective of organize the urban environment. It provides an articulate development, with coherence and concentration, which shows the balance between the activities localization and the required services; both aspects influencing in the community quality life. The Local Urban Development Plan proposes an expansion, rehabilitation or construction of water supply networks, sewer drains, electrical supply networks and telephone supply networks on the municipality. It also made proposals on urban profiles: height of buildings, retreats, integration of plots and mixed land use. Start year 2009
Type Assessment/Research
Status Completed
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