City of Asheville
United States

Population: 83393
Area of jurisdiction: 117.2 km2


  Community Government
Absolute base year GHG reduction target: n/a 80% by 2030 (2008)
Baseline scenario (BAU) GHG reduction target: n/a n/a
Fixed-level GHG reduction target: n/a n/a
Carbon intensity reduction target: n/a n/a
Renewable energy target: n/a n/a
Energy efficiency target: n/a n/a
Government and Community: CO2(e) targets


Community GHG Emissions
Total ( n/a ):  0 tCO2e
Government GHG Emissions
Total ( n/a ):  0 tCO2e

Mitigation actions

Fire Station Chief's Energy Challenge
This spring, the City of Asheville Fire Department took up a nation-wide challenge to see which of its three battalions, throughout the department’s 12 stations, could make the biggest reduction in energy use over a three-month period. With the results tallied in June, the winner is Battalion 2 with a total energy reduction of 12% over last year’s numbers at Stations 2, 3, 6 and 10. But the big winner was the department as a whole and the City of Asheville, as the friendly competition offset 24 tons of greenhouse gasses and saved the AFD $2000 in energy costs. The Chief’s Energy Challenge is a nationwide effort issued by the fire departments of Cary, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Raleigh inviting fire departments to reduce their energy use by 10% in one year, and 20% by year three. Start year 2014
Sector Buildings
Type Education/Awareness Raising
Status In progress
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Parking Garage LED Lighting Retrofit
Two City of Asheville parking garages will been seen in a different light thanks to the City of Asheville’s participation in a newly implemented energy efficiency program with Duke Energy Progress. Thanks to Duke's Small Business Energy Savers Program, the upgrade comes at a considerable savings to the City of Asheville. DEP will pick up 65 percent of the cost of the installation, leaving the city’s match at $47,510. With a projected savings of $20,000 per year, the project will pay for the city’s contribution in less than 36 months. Since they run 24 hours a day, parking garage lights are a great candidate for energy reduction strategies. In all, 225 lights will be replaced in the two garages, with an energy reduction equal to the equivalent of 150 tons of carbon dioxide annually. Start year 2013
Sector Facilities
Type Technical/Infrastructure investment
Status Completed
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T12 Replacement Project
Replaced T12 lamps with high efficiency T8 lamps in 3 fire stations and the fleet maintenance offices. Start year 2013
Sector Buildings
Type Technical/Infrastructure investment
Status Completed
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Adaptation actions