carbonn Climate Registry


The carbonn Climate Registry helps Local governments to achieve transparency and accountability of local climate actions, demonstrate leadership and initiate a process for direct access to global climate funds.

National governments and the global climate community gain a better understanding of the achievements, performance and ambitions of local climate action and formulate appropriate global climate policies which also incorporate involvement of local governments.

 The carbonn Climate Registry is

  • 1.  Based on the experience of voluntary local climate action dispersed globally
  • 2.  Inspired by the vision of the Local Government Climate Roadmap.
  • 3.  Built on the success of the Copenhagen World Catalogue of Local Climate Commitments.
  • 4.  Informed by the guidance of the International Local Government GHG Emissions Analysis Protocol (IEAP).
  • 5.  Linked to existing efforts for enhanced global climate action on a trajectory leading beyond 2012.

The cCR is a mechanism for cities and local governments to make commitments to climate change that the world can count on.

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